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Rubric for Determining Individual Grades in Group Assignments Individual grades on group projects will be determined based on the following rubric.

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This rubric may be used for self-assessment and peer feedback. Collaboration Rubric. CATEGORY: Defends/ rethinks ideas relating to the group’s project goals.

This rubric may be used for self-assessment and peer feedback. Elementary Teamwork Rubric. CATEGORY: Contributed little to the group effort during the project.

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Rubric for Group Activity or Group Project. Task Description: (Teacher may explain specific assignment in this space.) Criteria weight 4 – Exemplary 3

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page 1 of 1 Grading rubric for a Group Project Project Proposal and the System Analysis and Design Deliverable Rubric Teamwork (25 Points)

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PROJECT TITLE: GROUP MEMBERS: PEER AND SELF EVALUATION RUBRIC Author: St. Joseph’s Academy Last modified by: shenitra.dees Created Date:

iRubric C224AB: This rubric is to grade students that are working on a group project. Free rubric builder and assessment tools.

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Often every cooperative group project has its defined members. For example, you have the over-achiever, the middle of the roader, the wish I were anywhere but

The Group Presentation Rubric will be combine with the Teammate Participation Rubric to determine your final grade for the project. Trait Criteria Points 1 3 2 4 Content

Group Project Grading Rubric 5/18/11 11:03 PM Page 2 of 2 nonexistent members clearly contributed more

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