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Masturbation usually describes sexual self-arousal and orgasm by touching, stroking or rubbing the penis or rubbing the vagina or clitoris.

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There are many bizarre claims about masturbation, for example that it causes blindness, insanity, acne and even hair growth. We sort fact from myth and ans

Praise be to Allaah. Masturbation (for both men and women) is haraam (forbidden) in Islam based on the following evidence: First from the Qur’aan:

Q&A: Masturbation – Does It Make Sex Better? Just about everyone masturbates, starting from when they’re a teenager and continuing on into their adult life.

موقع الإسلام سؤال وجواب موقع دعوي، علمي تربوي يهدف إلى تقديم الفتاوى والإجابات العلمية

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Q&A: Masturbation – How Do Virgin teens Masturbate? Most women masturbate, but do all women do it the same way? Do all women enjoy the same things during masturbation?

A man writes that excessive masturbation leaves him unable to climax with a partner. My Q&A looks at erections, ejaculatory issues and finding pleasure in intimacy.

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Both the Hanafi and Shafi i positions on Masturbation are found in the links below. Also, sections on repentance and patience.

Hi,Welcome to Masturbation is absolutely safe. Other than giving pleasure it also helps in relieving stress. It depends on the number of times you

Is Masturbation a Sin? Expert answers to help you navigate bedroom challenges. We recently learned in a Bible study class that masturbation is a sin.

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