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How alike are the group members? Groups usually work best when members experience similar difficulties and function at similar levels. Is group therapy enough?

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Work group members can help each other improve their performance and work together toward improving their professional development. Team members also come to rely on

When it comes to online learning, Michelle Covert has one message for instructors: Stop assigning so much group work. Covert, who completed an online

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In this powerful new book, world-acclaimed leadership expert David Ulrich teams up with clinical psychologist Wendy Ulrich to explore the “why” of work—the

What are we actually getting when we engage in a group brainstorm? Studies show not much productivity, and a lot of wasted time.

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Why work in teams? There are several good reasons: • clear work plans • to identify group behaviour, standards and norms and ways to handle behavioural

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What is collaborative learning? What is the impact of collaborative learning or group work? What are some examples of collaborative learning activities?

Group Work: How to Use Groups Effectively Alison Burke1 Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR 97520 Abstract Many students cringe and groan when told that they will

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